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Sherwani: Grandeur And Royalty At Every Occasion

Posted by Admin on June, 17, 2021

If you are looking for the perfect outfit to head out in style and you wish to stand out in the crowd full of suited men, pick a Sherwani!

Sherwanis have been a symbol of luxury, sophistication, and royalty for decades. Kings and rich merchants wore beautiful hand-woven silk Sherwanis and now they are worn in big events such as parties or weddings.

When it comes to choosing men’s party wear, Sherwanis make a unique choice. As most people choose to dress in western wear; people often forget how handsome and charming Sherwanis look.

Men’s party wear Sherwani manufacturers produce a large variety and styles of Sherwanis from which you can pick the best one for yourself!

Some Sherwani Styles You should Consider Purchasing:

  1. Jodhpuri Sherwani
    Jodhpuri designed Sherwanis are detailed and admired for the richness of the material and the design. This style of Sherwani is bound to bring you many compliments and it is certainly a head-turner.

  2. Indo-western Sherwani
    If you are not sure if you want to go complete desi, do not worry! Indo-western Sherwanis are the perfect balance between modern western wear and traditional Indian royalty. This Sherwani allows more movement and gives a wonderful fit to make you look the best.

  3. Angrakha Sherwani
    This style of Sherwani is unique and it is styled to make the upper body look stronger and structured. If you have a muscular and toned physique, this Sherwani would be great for you. Make a bold statement the next time you visit a wedding or party!

  4. Printed Modern Sherwani
    If you love bold prints and vibrant colours, printed Sherwanis are made just for you! These Sherwanis look beautiful and bring the best feel of a joyous occasion. These Sherwanis also make the perfect outfit for a fun, aesthetic social media worthy photographs.

  5. Anarkali Style Sherwani
    Anarkali Style Sherwani are more traditional and bring out the true Indian heritage in the form of style and clothing. Wearing this style will give you the real feel of a sultan and it is bound to get you noticed in a positive light in any event.

  6. Jacket Style Sherwani
    Jacket style sherwani is the trendiest style right now! These jackets are known for intricate designs, sequins, and gold finish. The style has a beautiful regal feel to it.

Choose the Right Kind of Material for Your Sherwani :

Sherwanis are usually made of raw silk, cotton, terry wool. However, the weather conditions, pricing, and the texture you want should be the deciding factor for your choice of material.

  1. Raw Silk Sherwani
    Silk is an excellent choice for Sherwanis. As it is a natural fibre, silk cloths are breathable and natural repellents to dust mites and fungus.

    This material is comfortable to wear in all seasons. During winters, it helps retain body heat and during summer months, the cloth allows heat exchange through it.

    However, pure silk Sherwanis are expensive but the added benefits and the texture make up for the price.

  2. Cotton Sherwani
    Cotton Sherwanis are the ideal pick for hot and humid months. This material is extremely breathable and costs much less than pure silk counterparts. However, it does not have the same luster and texture as silk cloth.

  3. Terry Wool
    This material is perfect for cold areas. The warm cloth makes the perfect Sherwani ensuring a snug, structured fit and providing warmth against the cold. Terry wool usually has a blend of polyester. The price range for this material varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.


Indian wear is one of the world’s most unique and beautiful ways of styling. India is known for its culture and heritage, its clothing speaks no different. Sherwanis are designed to accentuate male features such as strong broad shoulders, long legs, and buffed chests. They are crafted to make their wearer look smart and bold.

You can pick the best Sherwani for yourself from multiple stores and brands. However, local merchants in India often make much better quality Sherwanis than factory-made clothing lines which are produced in bulk to be sold pan India.

You can also accessorize your Sherwani with gold necklaces, churidars, cufflinks, pins, and traditional shoes to amplify the luxury look of the outfit.

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